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Shenzhen sea Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Trade unified record, specializing in international import and export cargo transport and related consulting business of the limited liability company.
Company Business: contractor maritime transport, air transport, the provincial transport, international and domestic express delivery business, including: Lanhuo, booking, warehousing, container Zhengxiang, special boxes, shipped clearing fees, customs, post-mortem inspection, insurance and other related services and transportation consulting business.
Advantage tariffs: Companies rely on a stable volume, good social relations, and establish a good working relationship with MAERSK, MSC, SAFMARINE, EVERGREEN, ZIM, COSCO, CHINA SHIPPING, CMA, ANL, APL, NYK and other owners of companies , sailing density, space and price advantage significantly.

Ocean Shipping
Air Shipping
Provides international air freight services: Acting international import and export air cargo booking, canvassing and door to door express transportation service.
GD/HK Transport
We provide you with all the major cities in Guangdong Province to Hong Kong and from cargo transport services. Available in the trailer and tons of cars, available Man Kam To, Huanggang Port export cargo transport.
Global Express
Sending express mail services to other countries to provide the deep sea. Varied and reliable delivery, including the date for the delivery of urgent shipments with guaranteed next day delivery time, and the time limit relaxed day delivery.
Division I and APL, WANHAI, MARUBA, TSL, MAERSK, COSCO, EVERGREEN, OOCL, ZIM, CMA, MSC, K-LINE and other world-renowned shipping companies have established good cooperative relations.
Customs Service
It has its own professional customs team, with customs entry lanes, Shenzhen Customs paperless customs system line, and the major ports in the country can be self-declaration
Generation Procurement
Customers can purchase the cheap material. Therefore, low-cost carriers are purchasing agent companies generally implement strategy. In fact, purchasing agent companies do have the advantage and ability.
Import and export agent
Acting international import and export air cargo booking, canvassing and door to door express transportation service. The company has many years of experience in the air and international express delivery.
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